Powerline Products

PS928-HB | MLKHN1501

The GigaFast Megachips based Ethernet Bridge operates on the HD-PLC standard, providing Ethernet over home AC wiring. The PS928-HB is one of the most integrated HD-PLC devices on the market. The PS928-HB uses MegaChip’s latest MLKHN1501 chipset which is optimized for data applications. An optional RS485 interface can be used for RS485 over PLC using the HD-PLC standard. With a plug and play installation, you can easily use the PS928-HB to connect to a router, set-top box, IP Camera, or computer. Combined with a broadband DSL/Cable connection, every room with an electrical power outlet will have easy access to high-speed Internet.
Like all of our HD-PLC products, this PS928-HB is equipped with 128-bit AES security encryption. Combining the privacy of a home power grid and 128-bit AES security encryption, this PS928-HB is extrememly secuire compared to other technologies.
This device can also be configured for repeating to cover wide area network applications.