About Us

At GigaFast, we have been dedicating all our efforts to develop and manufacture a complete line of top-quality products since 1997. Our strengths in R&D, manufacturing, and customer service have made GigaFast into a top tier OEM and ODM partner.

Founded in 1997 as a networking product manufacturing company, GigaFast provided innovative SOHO networking solutions enabling users to easily share Internet access, peripherals, and digital contents among multiple PCs and Internet-enabled devices.

Our engineering and customer service expertise in networking manufacturing helped tremendously when the company shifted its focus onto power line Communication in 2001.  We believe it is about time consumers get spoiled with a technology as easy as plug and play, and eliminate the hassle of pulling wires. Compared to wireless networking, power line communication is much more secure and covers more distance.

After all, most consumer electronic devices already plug into power outlets, so why not make the existing wires and plugs do more than just provide power. Make the plugs talk, sing, view, and protect each other is what we do at GigaFast. Our complete line of power line communication products can do all that through data, audio, video, and security applications.

In 2015 GigaFast began taking on Industrial products that utilized not only our manufacturing skills, but our specialization in power line communication as well.  Our product line expanded with our customers into last mile based solutions and not just in home solutions.  We also began building out industrial based power line products for customers requiring something better than commercial grade hardware.

We again expanded our product line in 2017 to include automotive telematics products.  After deploying tens of thousands of units, GigaFast secured its position as one of the top telematics hardware providers focusing on ARM based solutions along with our power design expertise to tackle the tough environment challenging micro-mobility sharing solutions and public transportation sharing solutions.

We Welcome OEM / ODM Projects

Our current OEM/ODM partners consist of some of the world’s most famous brands. We also have partners that are very promising start-up companies. GigaFast’s strength is to provide a one-stop solution for all of our OEM/ODM partners and transform their ideas into innovative products.

Together with GigaFast’s top notch engineering team, over a decade of manufacturing experience, and excellent customer service, GigaFast will be the best partner in developing OEM and ODM projects, including customizing powerline communication solutions to client specifications.