Engineering Services

Mechanical, Layout, and Electrical Engineering design to manufacture

Electronics Manufacturing

Building quality products out of China and Taiwan

Power Line Communications

Expert engineerings at designing telecom grade products for sending data over power lines.

Vehicle Telematics

Telematics hardware for fleet management systems


Established in 1997, we have offered design services for well over two decades.  Our Mechanical, Layout, and Electrical Engineering teams design to manufacture.



Our team limits the projects we accept guaranteeing full focus on each product as its being developed.  Design for manufacturing guarantees that our products are ready to be built in large quantities once prototypes are approved.


Products are designed for production.  Components are selected based on cost and availability for mass production.  Engineering aided QA guarantees that products are built to the highest quality.


Our team spends countless hours making sure all our designs are optimized for production with most our product lines going thru 100% testing before shipment.  We are also ISO 9001 Certified


By building smaller volumes in Taiwan and going into mass production in China, we are able to scale with our customer as business demand grows.


With contracted production lines and our own procurement team, we are able to handle large swings in volume and provide a stable supply chain to our customers.



We source all our components with our own procurement team guaranteeing not only support from the original component vendors, but also the best price.

China and Taiwan

With factories in both China and Taiwan, we can ship the same design built either in Taiwan or China. Our Taiwan factory is located in Sijhih City, Taiwan. Our China factory is located in Jiang Xi, China.



Manufacturing Quality Products Since 1997



Building Home Networking Solutions including 5,8,16,24 port managed and unmanaged network switches.


Re-focus on Power Line Communication (PLC) devices.  Emphasis on HomePlug.


ODM to build industrial based PLC and Ethernet solutions.


ODM to build automotive based telematics and wireless charging solutions.