Powerline Products

PS858-AP | QCA7420

GigaFast HomePlug AV Wireless N Access Point allows you to create or extend a wireless network using HomePlug powerline technology. Using HomePlug as the network backbone, PS858-AP can be placed at where a wireless signal is needed, rather than at the farthest corner of a wireless network. Multiple PS858-AP can be used to cover larger areas without increasing wireless radiation and with HomePlug powerline technology as your backbone, no additional wiring will be required.

Current wireless technology requires the use of multiple antennas or increased power output. However, the fundamental problem remains: Wireless signals cannot pass through solid objects such as cement walls or building foundations. PS858-AP coverage is provided by sending data signals through the walls themselves via the powerline and then providing wireless connectivity in the room where it is needed. Data throughput is then significantly higher than boosting any antenna.