Powerline Products

PGM89-EB | Marvell G.hn

The GigaFast Marvell based G.hn 800Mbps Ethernet Bridge operates on the ITU Powerline G.hn standard, providing up to 800Mbps bandwidth over home AC wiring. PGM890-EB is one of the smallest Marvell G.hn 800Mbps Ethernet Bridge designs on the market. The PGM89-EB uses Marvell’s G.hn 88LX3141 chipset which is optimized for streaming high definition media applications. The 88LX3142 includes a faster processor, high speed interfaces and is paired with the 88LX2718 analog front end (AFE). With these added high performance abilities, PGM89-EB is perfect for ultra-high speed HD entertainment networks in home and is perfect for areas that are hard to reach by wireless connections. With plug and play installation, you can easily combine all of your G.hn electronics together and instantly enjoy your Entertainment Center from virtually any room in your home. Combined with a broadband DSL/Cable connection, every room with electrical power outlets will have easy access to high-speed Internet connection.